Brightest 1600lumens

V13 utilizes Cree XM-L 2 LED with intense brightness. It stretches the light over the
length of about two football fields and reaches nearly 250m, but enough floodlight angle as wide as 125°.

Split Style
headlight, Compact
and Portable

IPX6 Rated

With aluminum alloy body, there are no any
openings on the bike light, even the USB
connector slot is completely covered by
the rubber seal, protecting against splashing
water from any angle.


External Power
Battery Backup

Work with Gaciron power banks PB01-Plus
and other power banks with
DC input 12V/2.0A.

Extended Wire Remote Switch

With newest design wire remote switch fixed on the handlebar, no need to take hands off to
activate the bike light, more convenient and safer.



LED Chip: Cree XML2 Max Lumen: 1600lumens
Floodlight Angle:125 degree Housing: Aluminum alloy 6063
Battery Pack Powered Micro USB Rechargeable
Light Distance:Over 200m Size:59.6*51.5*36mm / Weight:120g
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